The Marketing Stack Summit (Tuesday Sept. 29, 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM) invites 1,000+ Bay Area marketing and technology managers to converge at a half-day event dedicated to understanding the “Marketing Stack”: How marketing technologies integrate into a complete marketing pipeline.

Each technology in the marketing stack offers services on one part of the marketing pipeline: from online advertising, brand building, and ad views to nurturing lead generation, conversion tracking. The Marketing Stack Summit analyzes how the Internet of Things, Online / Offline relationships, and personalized data play a role in the Marketing Stack.


Neil Capel

Neil Capel

Founder & Chairman


Mark Douglas

Mark Douglas

President & CEO


Kobi Ofir

Kobi Ofir

Chief Technology Officer

Vision Critical

David Dowhan

David Dowhan



Nick Jordan

Nick Jordan

SVP Product & Strategy


Matt Roche

Matt Roche



Jared Schrieber

Jared Schrieber

Co-founder & CEO


Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan

CEO, CoFounder



3:00 PM

PANEL: Future of the Marketing Pipeline: An Integrated

Understanding marketing ROI requires analyzing your entire
marketing pipeline: yet no one marketing technology solution
manages the whole pipeline from brand visibility to lead nurturing
to conversion and analytics. Hear from 3 leading, innovative brands
that are shaking up the current Marketing pipeline and helping
Marketers bring an integrated, seamless approach to their current
strategy. How is the marketing pipeline is changing (more devices,
more channels, more touch points) and what tools and innovative
technologies are disrupting the current trends? Be ready to hear
first-hand and learn what’s on the horizon in Marketing

4:00 PM

PANEL: Cross-Device Cross-Fire:
The Unauthorized Tell-All

Hear from those who know it best. Panelists who best understand the cross channel debate will break down the silos and reveal the enormous potential for cross device and why it’s vastly becoming a priority for Marketers. How is it impacting existing Marketing strategies? What’s are some of the biggest challenges marketers are facing? You’ll hear what’s working, what’s not, what’s next, and how content, branding and messaging strategies must adjust.

4:30 PM

Convergence of Marketing and Data:
Machine Learning and Personalization

Making marketing personal, relevant, and contextual is above all else a data challenge. The past decade has shown that end users appreciate not just receiving but offering feedback about what ads are relevant to them. What data most influences personalization in advertising and marketing? How can marketing technology solutions and big data / machine learning technology solutions work together to target ads – and what sort of personalization will we see when solutions for storing and optimizing data becomes even cheaper and faster ever year?

Who Attends

Marketing Executives

The Marketing Stack Summit helps marketing executives understand how marketing technologies integrate into complete marketing pipeline solutions.

Technology Executives

If you are a startup founder or technology executive who manages marketing technology decisions, you need to understand what the marketing pipeline is, and where every technology fits.

Marketing Tech Developers

Are you a developer who builds on marketing tech platforms? Learn how to grow your marketing technology as a developer platform – or learn opportunities to extend existing platforms.