Integrate 2016 is the world’s largest technology conference, expo, and social network that is 100% focused on integrating technologies together. The age of simply “buying technology products” is over: innovation and progress depend on how we integrate technologies into custom solution sets. The vision of Integrate is that data, API’s, infrastructure, and IT products will see themselves as components of a single interconnected technology platform.

Integrate 2016 is about Open Technology

The growth of the Open Web – with open API’s, open web content, and open communication – enables Open Technology.

Open Technology makes it easy for anyone (from startups to Fortune 500’s) to integrate with banks, retail brands, health care providers, government data, utility data, consumer social apps, or even personal geo-location and preferences via cloud-base integration. Just as opening the web democratizes information, opening technology democratizes intelligence, analytics, business functions, communications, and social activity, and business processes.

There are a few core components of Open Technology:

  • Ease of integrating the technology
  • Use of standards / interoperability in your industry
  • Effort made to integrate with the most common solutions already in use

Conference Components

API World 2016 Conference

The 3rd annual API World 2016 Conference is the largest vendor-neutral API event in the nation. API World covers API strategy and design as well as offering a landscape view of new API services available to developers. API World tracks include API Design & Strategy, API Infrastructure, Internet of Things API’s, and more!

DataWeek 2016 Conference

The 4th annual DataWeek 2016 Conference is San Francisco’s largest vendor-agnostic data event, garnering 1,000+ attendees every year. Our speaker lists have included Google, Facebook, IBM, HP, SAP, Twitter, Linkedin, Readwrite, TechCrunch, and hundreds of the Bay area’s top data companies.

Integrate 2016 Expo

The Integrate 2016 Expo is where you meet, partner with, and integrate with dozens of exhibitors and thousands of attendees that make up the new tech ecosystem. With the online network, you can hone in on the exact partners you need to grow your partner strategy.

Integrate 2016 Hackathon

Formerly the DataWeek & API World Hackathon – the Integrate 2016 Hackathon challenges you to integrate sponsor Data & API technologies into hackathon projects that solve real-world challenges. With 250 attendees in 2015, we aim to double that by inviting 500+ participants in 2016.

OneStack Network

Integrate 2016 is not just a conference & expo, it is an online network where you list your technology products – connect online to the technologies you integrate with – and browse / search for technologies who are attending Integrate 2016 who can grow your ecosystem strategy.